July 2023

Esteros del Ibera- Water that shines

The "Iberá wetlands" are in the centre of the province of Corrientes, in northern Argentina. A vast wild area of humid nature, with a million hectares watered by rains and certain underground water supplies.
Its abundant aquatic vegetation retains water that can just escape through the Corriente stream to reach the Paraná River. 

Its wild animals are abundant and diverse, though in the past some of the species were severely exploited by illegal trading, even to the point of extinction in the case of the most hunted. Currently protected in a natural reserve through a joint effort of the province of Corrientes and the Argentinian Nation, the marshlands are recovering their splendour.

The Ibera wetlands are so large that there are several gateways through which to get to the shoreline and inner areas. Starting with the most classical of all and continuing clockwise they are: Laguna Iberá, Uguay, Capivari, Rio Corriente, Carambola, San Nicolás, San Antonio, Cambyretá and Galarza.

The total Iberá basin - with approximately 1.3 million hectares surface area - is a Natural Protected Area.

Esteros Del Ibera

Nature at its wildest state