2023 August

Horseback Riding

Under the vast skies of the Ibera, my horse carried me through the enchanting esteros, weaving between lagoons and marshes. Local gauchos, seasoned guides, led the way, sharing tales of their connection with this pristine land. Our journey unfolded through their expansive fields, where herds of contented cows grazed peacefully. The rhythm of hooves echoed in harmony with nature's symphony—the rustling of reeds, the gentle lap of water.

Each moment, a painting of serenity, as we traversed this untouched paradise. The scent of wildflowers lingered in the air, and the warmth of the sun kissed the landscape. As the day unfolded, the ethereal beauty of the Ibera unfolded with it, a dance of life in the heart of Argentina, where the spirit of the gauchos and the untamed wilderness merged in a timeless celebration of nature's wonders.

I believe everyone should explore the world, take photos, make memories, and say yes to the adventures that make your heart race. 

Hoseback Riding in Corrientes

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